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How a Site Redesign Helped this Online Sales Tool Sell Itself More Effectively

From Amazon to eBay to Zappos, online sales play an important role in overall company success. Webcollage’s software helps manufacturers make sure they’re always looking their best, across all platforms, with features such as videos, FAQs and user-reviews, all of which help to boost brand confidence and reduce return rates.

The best part is, with just one click, Webcollage updates information across all retail sites, so the manufacturer can be sure nothing is overlooked or out of date.

The Problem

The Webcollage website did not serve as an effective sales tool as it was not optimized for conversion. In fact, Webcollage’s sales teams were hesitant to even direct potential customers to the website. They knew they needed that to change… and fast.

The Solution

Ideometry’s website included a massive restructure — clearly delineating the major selling points for both retailers and manufacturers — along with an update to the visual branding.

Ideometry also consulted on updates to the official Webcollage logo and new site copy, emphasizing concision and clear calls to action.

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