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Learn How a Robust Digital Campaign Drove Exceptional Results for This Fortune 500 Company

Thomson Reuters is a Fortune 500 company that enables professionals in the financial and risk, legal, tax and accounting, and media markets to make key decisions based on world-class data.

The Project

Thomson Reuters partnered with Elsen to build the first commercially available software on the Elsen nPlatform — Thomson Reuters QA Point powered by Elsen. Upon completion, the new product was ready for launch with a substantial marketing campaign.

To promote the North American launch, the QA Point team planned to host a webinar featuring experts in the field, as well as internal experts from Thomson Reuters and Elsen. The topic of the webinar centered around how the rise of “quantamental” investing is changing the industry and how QA Point can help non-technical investors work like a quant.

To attract webinar registrations, Thomson Reuters would market to their existing leads and customers through email marketing and other owned channels. Ideometry would complement those efforts by developing and executing on a robust paid digital advertising campaign that would generate registrations and, ultimately, high-quality marketing-qualified leads.

The Solution

We started by optimizing the content and design on Thomson Reuters registration page template to drive sign-ups for the webinar. All of our marketing through paid and owned channels would drive users to that page with the goal of getting them to convert.


We started this project by identifying which channels would be likely to get the best results. Because QA Point is for a niche B2B audience, LinkedIn was an obvious choice for a campaign since it makes it easy to segment by specific industries, job titles, seniorities, skills, etc. Our expertise with the platform allowed us to build highly targeted audiences that gave us the best reach without the risk of dilution.

We also used social and display ad platforms to run sponsored stories, SEM ads, display ads, and retargeting ads. For the SEM campaign, we did extensive keyword research to find the best ones to target based on what we knew our target audience would be searching for. The Display campaign targeted specific niche industry websites, and the retargeting campaigned redirected users who visited the landing page back to the page to convert as the timeline moved closer to the start date of the webinar.

Once we had established the platforms we wanted to use, we created multiple creative concepts and copy/visual variations to create multiple Ad Sets across our chosen platforms. Each Ad Set tested creative variations against different target audiences. This would allow us to see which copy/visuals got the best results for zeach audience on each platform.

A few days after the campaign launched, we had enough data to start making strategic iterations to our strategy. For example, we noticed that particular LinkedIn ad variations were clear winners, while others were not performing as well. We disabled the low performers and forced the platform to put more of the budget behind the stronger performers. We made similar optimizations to the SEM ads as well, ensuring that only the messaging that resonated with our audiences remained.


With these kinds of strategic adjustments across the campaign ecosystem, we were able to ensure that the budget was always being spent on the highest-value ads and audiences. In this case, our LinkedIn ads and retargeting ads were the most effective in driving conversions. Through our efforts, we boosted the webinar’s lead count by over 60% over what Thomson Reuters would have gotten with just their owned channels. Additionally, the cost per lead was significantly lower than it was on previous campaigns for similar products.


The Thomson Reuters team was extremely pleased with the attendance at the webinar — which was one of their first major marketing tactics they used for QA Point — and plan to make webinars a part of their digital marketing strategy for the product moving forward. Thomson Reuters is already leveraging the strategies and creative concepts we developed for webinars targeted for the European and Asian markets. They plan on applying what we learned from this campaign to future digital campaigns for QA Point.

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