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The Client:

Price Intelligently is a SaaS solution built to help leaders at SaaS companies align the right product to the right customer for the right price to help them improve retention and revenue, while learning more about their customers.

The Project:

When we met Price Intelligently, they were already investing heavily in creating great content to fuel their inbound marketing initiatives. They wanted to take their content strategy a step further by creating a series of gated eBooks to boost their conversion rates. At the time, Price Intelligently had several different content creators, and as a result, the content tended to lack a consistent aesthetic. In some cases, two pieces of collateral were very different in terms of look and feel. Price Intelligently tasked Ideometry with turning their incredible in-depth content into easy-to-read eBooks, while also helping to develop additional visual solutions future content efforts.

The Solution:

The eBooks that Price Intelligently had written were lengthy and loaded with proprietary data and information on topics like “SaaS Churn” and “Pricing and Marketing for SaaS companies.” The eBooks were extremely thorough and were written to be the definitive source on their subjects, so our approach to designing the layout couldn’t be what we would do for your typical 10-12 page eBook. The challenge for us was to present all of this data in a way that was dynamic and compelling enough to keep readers engaged through the entire thing. By developing a strong plan for the visual organization and separation of content, we were able to represent the information in a digestible way, making it more likely that a reader will truly grasp the information and read to the end of a 70+ page eBook. We created a strong template for them to base other publications on, with documents that made it easy for anyone to recreate the template. The template also contained several modular devices and iconography to use in other collateral - such as their sales pitch decks, social media, and emails - as well. Overall, we worked to ensure that every touchpoint in the Price Intelligently sales/marketing ecosystem presented a uniform look and feel to the audience/end user. This kind of consistency is extremely important for brand recognition and building trust with potential leads and existing customers. All of this was vital to making the eBooks viable evergreen content hubs that would impact the entire marketing ecosystem. For lead generation, the eBooks were enticing gated content pieces. And the custom infographics and content allowed Price Intelligently to repurpose parts of the content for organic social media posting and community management, email marketing, and various content marketing efforts for many months after the eBooks were produced.

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