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Improving App Downloads and Onboarding Through Animation

Medisafe proves that mobile apps are good for more than Flappy Bird; they can save lives. This app — available for iPhone and Android — aims to prevent the 125,000 annual deaths caused by prescription non-adherence by reminding their over 2 million users when and how to take their medications. It even educates patients about the medication they’re taking.

The Problem

Despite the clear need for their product, Medisafe struggled communicating this necessity — as well as the app’s functional features — quickly and effectively. This is important given that the point of purchase for most users is the App Store or Google Play.

The Solution

Ideometry scripted, directed, animated and produced a short video for on-boarding sites and app stores. Though Ideometry developed the visual style for the video itself, it was important that our team collaborated with Medisafe’s app developers throughout the production process to ensure a consistent look across all platforms so as to develop a recognizable brand.

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