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See How We Helped This Tech Startup Launch in the U.S. With a New Brand and Website

Arrayo (formerly Steep Consulting) provides process automation, risk and regulatory management, and data science consulting to companies in the FinTech, HealthTech, and HighTech industries.

The Problem

Arrayo approached us with three goals in mind:

  1. Create a new brand name for Steep Consult that is meaningful, memorable and provides more context for the business as a whole.
  2. Develop a visual identity that establishes Arrayo’s domain expertise in its various verticals, a sense of legitimacy that attracts the best consulting talent, and an overall air of competence and transparency.
  3. Design an SEO-optimized website that establishes the new brand, represents abstract concepts in an aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-understand way, garners an immediate sense of trust for both potential clients and consulting talent, and fits together modularly for easy content expansion.

The Solution:

Our engagement with Arrayo started out by working with the client’s team to determine the name of the new venture. We came up with multiple names, looking for interesting and unusual words that would accurately convey the meaning of what Arrayo does. We chose the name Arrayo because of its connection to the data science word “array,” and because it’s memorable and feels good to say.


For the visual branding and logo, we aimed to create a modern and authoritative look that would place Arrayo firmly in the category of top tech companies in terms of branding. For the logo specifically, we wanted to use clear, simple text with vibrant colors in a way that creates motion and energy, alluding to technology always being in constant flux, and Arrayo being literally at the center of that technology.

Additionally, we built a custom icon and color scheme to represent the different industries Arrayo services, and how those verticals and services interact.


Once these two elements were in place, we set out to build Arrayo’s new website — you can check it out HERE. The website needed to educate users on what Arrayo does for its clients, as well as provide a user experience that compels users to reach out and begin a conversation with Arrayo.

After working with us, Arrayo has a website that instantly positions them as unique and reliable experts in their field. This is achieved through the unique and professional custom visuals — an effect that would have been impossible with a templated website and stock photography. As a result, within a few weeks of the official website launch, Arrayo has gotten organic leads for both new clients and consulting talent thanks to the prominently featured ‘Apply’ CTAs on all pages, and a lightweight and easy-to-navigate job post filtering widget.


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